Auction bidding

auction bidding

Auctions can be intense and competitive, making it essential to have an experienced representative by your side. Our Auction Bidding service is tailored to make your bidding experience a success:

1. Pre-Auction Strategy

We develop a strategic auction plan that aligns with your budget and objectives,
identifying the maximum bid limit to ensure you stay within your financial comfort zone.

2. Auction Representation

We attend the auction on your behalf, following the pre-established bidding strategy. We use our knowledge of auction dynamics and a thorough understanding of other potential buyers to increase your chances of securing the property at the best price.

3. Post-Auction Support

After the auction, we continue to assist you through the closing process, ensuring all necessary documentation and legalities are handled professionally.

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marooba 1


Bought by a young family, previously unable to afford Northbridge, viewed a total of 16 properties, including 11 off-market options. Remarkably, within just 8 weeks from sign-up to exchange, they successfully secured their dream home.



525 sqm

5 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

2 Garages

Price Withheld


Bought by a young family relocating from WA, facing persistent challenges in property acquisition, collaborated with us for a span of 3 months. Throughout this period, we presented a total of 31 properties, including 20 off-market options. Notably, the properties offered boast a north-facing orientation and are conveniently located within walking distance to the rail.

464 sqm

4 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

2 Garages

Price Withheld

Castle cove

Bought by a family formerly engaged with a different buyers agent, our clients faced unsuccessful attempts and believed they were priced out of the area. However, we successfully secured a home for them, and they are delighted with the outcome. They have recently relocated from overseas.



721 sqm

5 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

2 Garages

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